Assignment 101: My Best Photograph

This photo was taken up at Northstar Ski Resort over the weekend. The subject is my lil' cousin Kenji, he could be a model, couldn't he?

The edits I made were cropping the photo in, and creating an s-curve adjustment to bring up the darks and take away this haze you can see when looking to the after-edits. You can see the true color of the climate, now that it is bluer. You can also see the real redness in the cheeks. It brings you into the reality of how cold it was there.

Comments (2)

  1. I like your editing, it make the image so much crisp and bright. the colors look so vibrant, and the composition is really nice too, it bring color to a white snow background.

  2. The photograph has a good adjustment on aperture, you in the front is clear, while the objects behind you is blurred. It creates depth for the photograph. Your adjustments uses the rule of one-third making the edited photo looks nice. After all, the colour tone and exposure of light is perfect.

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