Assignment 101 – Nathalia Porras

For this picture I used must of the Photoshop editing elements from exercise 104, such as the change on levels to adjust brightness, contrast, and tonal range by specifying the location of black, white, and mid-tones, curves to stretch some of the other tones (green, yellow, red. pink and brown) to create more contrast, channel mixer to get just the appropriate tones and make the harmony between the colors, and finally the dodge and burn to get the space around the focal point (flower) to be darker and regulate the exposure on this area.Clearly, one of the elements not used in this photo is the black and white tool, and that is because the purpose of this photo is to capture the attention of the viewer with this flashy flower by creating a more complex ,beautiful and strong composition.

Comments (8)

  1. This picture really focuses on the flower that you took. I like how the color pops and clearly shown especially the color yellow which is a powerful color.

  2. This picture shows nice color balance. The focusing on the picture was suitable. It is easy to figure out red, green, blue colors are curved. It is nice picture.

  3. I like your photo where you put the flower with the one third rule. It makes the photo overall proportional and nice to look at. Also the flower’s color pops very nicely.

  4. Color of the flower is really bright and it is not abrupt of this photo. And it is focus on the flower.

  5. Great use of the photo editing tools to pop the colors of the flower and make it more vibrant. Also, the contrast in the image, created more depth between the flower and the ground/pebbles. Overall, great job bringing so much life to your image.

  6. I love the way you used the tools to enhance the flower and its colors, texture, and the depth of the background. Flower looks so clear and so crisp, it feels like we’re right there looking at it.

  7. I like the colors on your picture and how the background is blurry. I can tell that the rule of thirds was used.

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