Assignment 101 (Re-submitted) – Nathania Irawan

This picture was taken in my house on 02/01/2018. What I did for this picture was duplicating the layer and put an overlay effect on it with an opacity of 65% then, I use the magic wand tool and adjust the brightness and contrast for different parts of the picture creating a darker and also lighter effects all over the image. Ultimately, I adjust the hue and the saturation of the image too, since my goal is to emphasize more on the brighter colors.

The picture I posted below is the final edited picture for this assignment. After seeing it several times I personally feel like my edited picture is not realistic and is over saturated especially the reflected scenery picture on the window, it looks way lighter than the original one. Therefore, I changed the way I edit it by fixing a few things like decreasing the saturation of the picture, adjusting the hue and a bit of the saturation to make the tone of the picture overall more on the warm side and lastly, I finish off with increasing the brightness of the picture to make it more lively.

Comments (3)

  1. The colors have become more vibrant in the edited photo. I’m curious about the fact that the window color in the edited photo is so much different than the blue in the old photo. The sky appears lighter and window appears darker in the original photo whereas it’s the opposite in the edited photo. What adjustments did you do to make that happen?

  2. The enhancement you made for this picture make it more dramatic. It looks better than before even if it is not looks like a photo of the real world, but I like it.

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