Assignment 101 – Nayhb Oseguera

This is a picture of the Point Richmond Rail tunnel. I added the extra black and white (BW) version because I think it gives better insight on the enhancements made than the original colored version. The featured picture is the edited version. My intention with the picture was to recreate the feeling of Richmond's railroad and gold rush town origins with an old-timey aesthetic, like if we went back in time with modern cameras. To that end, I added a BW with orange filter. I used levels and dodge & burn (D&B) to improve textures overall, the wood grooves greatly sharpened with this combo. I used D&B to enhance the sky gradient and to boost the light and shadows effects; especially to pop the strips of light on the tracks. Lastly, I cropped the image to improve the rail symmetry and to center the tunnel along the horizontal axis.

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