Assignment 101 – Nicholas Santino

In this assignment, I decided to take a picture of the Lake in DVC. Coincidentally, I was lucky enough to take the picture with a person at the scene making the picture more dramatic. Judging by the picture I took originally, I realised the colours are a bit to dull and some details were not that sharp enough. So, I decided to make new layer and create a reverse S curve, instead of a standard S curve. Then I made a new layer with orange background to overlay it with the picture and reduced it the opacity (45%) to give it a warmer feel. I also copied the original layer, convert it to grayscale, and reduce the opacity to give it a darker colour to the picture. Then, I highlighted the picture with a new layer to make details pop.

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  1. Brenda Hernandez-Diaz

    Great photo. I like the layers. If I could change one thing about this photo, it would be the direction the person is looking. I know it’s probably not a posed photo, but if they happened to look to the left, it would make the composition stronger. And now that we know about HDR, imagine how the water could potentially look (in a future photo if you decide to take another) , if taken with a tripod, where the water, instead of being slightly overexposed, could be exposed correctly.

  2. what a great pic! I love this picture because you show a good color and it was candid. I love the whole vibe and I can feel it. I also like the layer.

  3. the effect given by the edit makes it look like it was taken with a HDR old timey camera that had the pink orange hue.

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