Assignment 101 – Nicolas Kekai

Hey Everyone!

This is one of my close up photos that I took and edited myself a few weeks ago. With the original photo I attempted to replicate a Macro lens by adjusting the aperture of my phone camera and getting really close to my subject matter. With editing, I updated the coloring to create a much richer look to the photo as well as dodge and burning the top and bottom of the photo to create a better flow for your eyes. I also used the curve tool to greaten the light to dark color differences so that the photo had a more dynamic range of colors. Lastly in the original photo I was able to focus on the foreground and create a blur in the background however, it wasn't to my liking so I had increased the blurriness in the background.

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  1. The original close up by itself is very impressive, especially since you took it with your phone. The edited picture is a lot clearer, and the blur that you added to the background makes the raised objects look sharper. It honestly looks like a professional picture.

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