Assignment 101-Nouar Nour

For this photo of the Half Dome in Yosemite, I first duplicated a layer from the original background and added a multiply effect to it. I saw that, that darkened the image too much even if I lowered the opacity level. So instead, I changed the effect to overlay and that seemed to give the photo a better, more even contrast without looking unrealistic. But I still wanted to emphasize the colors more and saturate the photo, so I added a curves adjustment layer and slightly darkened the sky and the lower forest. I still wanted to dramatize the photo so I used a dodge and burn on the top of the dome as well as the mountains in the background.

link to image:,_Yosemite_Valley,_Yosemite_NP_-_Diliff.jpg

Comments (2)

  1. Your photo looks very interesting indeed. I personally like how you did the sky and the mountain. It is so realistic and nicely done that it does not look like it has been edited. The way how you did the overlay makes the photo a whole different thing.

  2. The use of the Levels tool really helped your image and created contrast that added deeper dimensions to the image, specifically the mountains. Also, the photo processing done to enhance the sunlight on the mountain extremely helped the image and brought it to life.

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