Assignment 101 – Oliver De La Campa

Top image is the original / Bottom Image is the Final

  • Cropped Image
  • Add Monochrome Layer
  • Black & White w/ Blue Filter Preset
  • Added Curved Layer

Comments (5)

  1. I love how you decided to go on the black and white path for this photo! It is much more beautiful as you have exaggerated the shadows and really emphasized the flower’s beauty. The edited photo in black and white shows more depth, focus, and details compared to the original one.

  2. I as well agree, this image edited to black and white gives it a new perspective and is so beautiful. The black and white transform the image and gives it more depth to the details in the photo.

  3. I really like this image because I can see a clear contour of the flower by taking away the color from original photo. Usually, I see a pictures of flower with beautiful colors so it is very fresh to see flowers without the bright colors.

  4. I really like how you chose to add the black and white image as well, to show off the contrast between that and the color image. The colored image really lets the flower pop with the background. The black and white image lays more off of the sharpness and focuses on depth.

  5. I really enjoy this photo. It is fresh to see the colorless flower photo because I usually see it with colors on it. I like your idea to get rid of colors because that way, we can really see the contour of the flower. Overall, it looks very nice.

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