Assignment 101-Olivia Du

This picture was taken in front of student serves center and cafeteria in DVC. The horizontal line and intersection between structures follow the rule of third. With the new layers, I turned this picture to black and white, so the colors would not be distracting. I adjusted its curve and level to make the gray color become true black and true white. Finally, this picture shows a clear one-point perspective with a strong contrast of darkness and lightness. The building cast a shadow on the skybridge .

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  1. I definitely think it was a good idea to go with monochrome for this photo as it really allows the shadows and shining areas to grab your attention. The sharpness of the images really matches with the sharp geometry of the subjects as well and overall I enjoy the photo.

  2. Really a good choice to go with the black and white. The black and white really attenuate the shades and shapes of the buildings. The angles of the building looks sharp and gives a good cubic shape.

  3. I agree with the comment above, the black and white really makes the light pop on the different buildings. The symmetry of the buildings and angle that centers the path makes the photo great!

  4. The great composition that follow the rules of third made it become a really nice picture and the technique of Black and White brought out the direction of lights.

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