Assignment 101- Penny Asawadilockchai

This picture was taken in San Francisco on 2/3/18. I took this picture in the middle of the road I think it has good symmetry of the road. Firstly, I adjusted brightness to -12 and contrast to 73. Next, I adjusted exposure to +0.44. I like to fade the image so I set saturation to -11. For color balance, I adjusted it a little bit to make the color look clearer. I also used dodge tool and burn tool to color the street to look cleaner and the sky to have more clouds. For the building, I also brighten it a little bit as well.

Comments (4)

  1. I like the photo enhancements used to create the second image i think it really makes the structure pop out, it is a beautiful photo and the background i can really enjoy as it draws my attention to the buildings in the background. Great use of radial technique

  2. The buildings shows a sense of hierarchy. It shows obvious areal perspective. And one of my favorite part is the front building looks more obsolete than the buildings which are behind it. It makes me feel a sense of contract.

  3. The feeling of the original picture and the picture after editing is really different. The photo after editing seems to have taken the old United States.

  4. After the Photoshop, your image look very old and rustic which i really like a lot. The color on the break pop out a lot more than the original picture. and Burning the sky to give it a more equal sky depth of darkness.

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