Assignment 101 – Pericles Bien

To start off with my process for photoshopping this composition of roses I first played around with a levels layer adjustment to see if I could create a better contrast between the foreground and the background. This worked slightly so I then decided to play around with the S curve on a new layer to enhance the contrast even more, thus creating more of a focus on the white rose in the middle. The next couple steps consisted of creating two new copied background layers each with an opacity of 50% or less; I then used the overlay and multiply blending modes to enhance the contrast even further while adding more pop to the colors in the image without over saturating it. The photo was then finished up by using the burn and dodge tool to create this shift in warm colors from the top to cooler colors on the bottom of the image. One of the main things I would go back and fix with this image is the overall composition; I probably should've shifted the bouquet of roses to the left more (onto a rule of thirds line) while also showing more of the background just to create a little more depth.

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  1. I like the way you darkened the image it gives it more feeling, and making the colors pop make the beauty of the flowers come through.

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