Assignment 101- Plant forest- Mekena Ramos

tiny plant forest got a little more spookier. I wanted to darken up the rims of the planter cups and make the red pop knowing that from the green and brown it will really mix the picture up nicely. Using A little of curves and levels it made it look like a little light was coming through the top of the spooky tiny forest.

Comments (2)

  1. Great use of perspective! The angle in which you took this photo gives a fantastical sense of scale. The name fits the picture well. This scene is further exaggerated by your choice to increase the shadows and saturating the colors giving it a tropical feel.

  2. You have a beautiful image. You were able to use the channel mixer and perhaps the curves filter to really bring out the true nature of the scene. The composition of the image was able to give an overall feel of nature. If you captured this image in a different angle, i’m sure the overall results would have been totally different. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

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