Assignment-101-QIYUAN LIANG

I took this photo on a basketball court when the sun was setting. The basketball is in the "rule thirds" place of the picture and the shadow prolong the vision.  There are a few techniques I utilized. Firstly, I cropped the picture. To strengthen the comparison and make the basketball become the main point of this photo, I adjusted the "Levels" in order to darken the shadows and the trees in the back. Also, I used "Curves" to make the color more vivid. Lastly, I dodged the photo by lightening the basketball to bring it out.

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  1. Your photo caught my eye with the vibrant color of the ball contrasted with the muted tones of the court. The diagonals and patterns that the fence cast on the ground also really helps to give the picture interest.

  2. I think that your photo looks very balanced after post-processing. I really like your work with the brightness and saturation of colors. I think that you have reached your main goal – to focus on the basketball ball with the “rule thirds” ,but the shadows on the concrete surface are also gorgeous. After post-processing, many details on the photo began to stand out and attract attention. Great work!

  3. The amount of shadows that are seen on the court helps bring out the image and gives it that sense of what is being seen. It honestly looks like an ad image for Nike or NBA which stands out. Cropping it to let the ball fall on the rule of thirds really adds to that impact, very well executed.

  4. This photo contains complex content, not only the basketball that catches our eyes. The basketball absolutely breaks the regular patterns of iron shadow. Darker the middle line which emphasizes the great media to lead us to look this photo from the lower part to the upper part. Strong contrast brings a sense of old photograph. The entire photo makes me recall the high school life. Great job!

  5. This is a great photo, the edited version is much better, the light is a lot softer and I like that you out the basketball in the rule of thirds.

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