Assignment 101- Riley Warren

Bottom image is the original, top is the final version. I used a levels layer to increase contrast in the shadows, and used a curves layer to increase overall saturation. Then I used the channel mixer and and color balance tools to adjust the colors to what they were originally; the white balance in my camera automatically corrected for the scene's warmer color temperature.

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  1. I as well chose a photo featuring the smoky sky! You balanced the photo very well regarding the color ands and overall exposure. The picture you took itself is nice where there is a tree involved, it makes your photo more visually interesting. Good work.

  2. I like the orange that you enhanced in the picture. You may want to apply the dodge/burn tool on the lower right corner so that the orange on different part of the picture is different. I think it may be interesting to try! Overall, you did a great job!

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