Assignment 101- Rodeo Beach

Original Photo
Final Image

For this assignment I took a photo at Rodeo Beach from the shore towards the buildings. The final edits include using the channel mixer to give red tint and more saturation. I also straightened the photo so that the middle ground was more horizontal. Finally, I also adjusted the levels to show a little more bright white and dark blacks, especially after changing the colors.

Comments (4)

  1. Hey Jason!
    I like the red tint you added, makes the undertones really stand out and gives the photograph a vintage look.

  2. Interesting edits on this, I think it turned out very cool. I like that it looks old-fashioned, and the way you edited the sky contrasts against the hill and gives it that foggy, mysterious look. I also like how the tint looks on the sand.

  3. hi JASON!
    love how you edited everything, so perfect. it gives me the 50′ and 60’s building vibe on fall seasons. not adding anything to the sky give the building and mountain focus. i also can see that the picture is overlap photography. great job!

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