Assignment 101 – RUINI ZHAN

This picture was taken at the art building, Diablo Valley College during the weekend. I walked around and found this door with a light at the top. Because of the structure of the art building, it was really dark at eight. Without the light, it was hard to see what 's around you. I think it is the guiding light that leading people forward.

For the picture, I change the color balance, which I enhance the red and yellow colors. The red and yellow colors bring warmth to people.  And then, I weaken the contrast and brightness, in order to make the light pop up. I also erase some unnecessary white lines behind the light.

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  1. Looks good! The vividness and warmth pulled me to comment on this post. Hahaha 😀 You utilized the tools especially the blending modes pretty good. I feel you’ve gotten familiar with photoshop as you are able to reach this stage. Yay! 😀 😀 😀

  2. The photo looks really good, the first one doesn’t show a lot of colors and is really plain. But after you edited it, the color was enhanced and the darker part looks really dark and the white part really looks bright.

  3. I wouldn’t even have looked at the original photo but post processing transformed your image from boring to thought provoking. It looks like a still from a movie. Only thing that could make the photo better is composition which is key when it comes to images like this – all the lines should be straight, the bottom of the door isn’t as aligned with the edge of the photo as it could be. Beautiful photo nonetheless.

  4. I love the changes you made to the picture because they give a much better sense of the attitude of your photo. The darker background and adjusted colors help show that it’s late and it gives plenty of emotion to the picture.

  5. I like your colors! You made it more warmer, working with the bricks. Turning it from horror movie to late summer nights feel.

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