Assignment 101 – Sang Rok Lee

The original picture is just about sunset and there is no accents at all, so that I tried to emphasize the picture by Level, Curve and Color layer out. In the color layout, I selected to emphasize the red than blue and green. At the bottom part of picture, I made it getting darker then top part because of contrast to emphasize and be interested.

Comments (4)

  1. I’m a big fan of sunsets, sunrises, and all that. I like how this picture can make you feel something. The editing you did really played a role in that.

  2. It looks great but my only real problem is the amount of detail that was lost with the beach because it became so dark. Maybe by playing around with the layer masks it could have come out even better. All in all though, its great!

  3. the work you made on the photo is clear. the color getting really strong. the red is kind of burn my eyes. maybe the red is to strong, so you may need to balance it.

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