Assignment 101 – Sebastian Malano

I started off putting a channel mixer and increased the red more which made the sky and everything more pink. I then added a vibrance layer and added more saturation and also more vibrance. That is when the you start seeing all the Yellow/Orange around the sun, the color is so strong that it is reflecting off the boat and the glass on the boat. I then added a curves layer which gave it the strong pink and purple sky. You can see how stronger the colors get bouncing off the boat and the water.

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  1. To start off, that’s a beautiful sunset on its own and the final edited picture does a great job of bringing out the pink in the sky. Maybe the sun could of been pulled out a little more to the left, but overall a great photo.

  2. what a beautiful sunset. I’m intrigued how you were able to introduce the pink and purple into the sky. it doesn’t look to be there in the original photo.

  3. Your channel mixer adjustment makes your image more colorful. Especially the sky by adding pink, orange, and purple. It has a more dramatic atmosphere. Love this feeling!

  4. Wow, what a drastic difference your post-processing makes. There are so many colors that are revealed and your editing brings such vibrance and beauty to the sky and water. I like how you focused on edits that would emphasize color because that is really the star of this photo. Also, your composition is very nice. There is symmetry and asymmetry and the land meets the sky at almost exactly the middle which works very well in this photo.

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