assignment 101 – Sebastian Thor

edits include: leveling, pop, and some burning of the photo

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  1. This photo is unique, because at the some point, it looks like you took photo of jungle on the sky. The grass looks like a tree when you gave some effects. If you ass blur behind the grass or sky, it could shown like other photo.

  2. I like how from the original photo to the finished one you emphasized the detail of the concrete next to the plant and the plants as well. Adding the pop of color made an interesting contrast between the plants and their surroundings. Lastly, I also thought the pop of color brought out more details in the plants and the vibrance added to them gave them life in the photo.

  3. I like the way you position the leaves that are closer to the camera. Seems like you were going off the rule of thirds which works perfectly with the layers in the background.

  4. I love how you strategically put focus on the plants by using the rule of thirds, as well as making sure that the background is blurred from view. The enhancement in colors really makes the quality of the image professional-like.

  5. I really like he focus on the plant in the front and how the rest of the background is out of focus, it really brings out the detail in the plant.

  6. the green color you edited make the photo much more lively, also natural in the some time.

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