Assignment 101 – Sherry Morgan

The image was captured with an iPhone 7 camera during sunrise; sunlight has a strong tinted orange tone. However the overcast weather caused some of the washed much of the detail. Using the Levels tool I was able to adjust the white and black tones to a true value. The curves tool helped bring out a lot of the small contrast in the wood texture. It also brought much of the highlight to be very vivid, and the sunshine on the seat much more powerful. Finally, the Pop tool helped cast a sunrise orange tone on the image overall; this made the image more harmonious with the environment it was photographed in.

Comments (2)

  1. The contrast of bright yellow and the palette of browns is what caught the attention of the viewer, but personally the most impressive effect was how the original wood now it seems stained due to the use of Photoshop editing elements such as lightning, the alignment created by the position on the wood, the angle of the picture and the adjustment on the color balance.

  2. I think the first to last image has the most vibrancy with the circular pattern emphasized and the sun beam bright and pronounced. that image seems to have the most contrast. The grainy quality is appealing also. Neat how such a simple subject as a deck can become such an interesting image.

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