Assignment 101 – Singh

I actually have a sink just sitting in my backyard, and the best thing is that it's functional. I noticed that someone had left out roses to dry in the sink and decided it would make a good picture. I messed around with the levels, curves, and vibrance to change the tone to a colder one. Then, I used the dodge and burn tools to highlight some certain areas that I either wanted to be darkened/lightened so that I could have the roses be the main focus.

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  1. I really love the dark, eerie sense that the edited photo brings. Great job with the lowering of the vibrance to a more cool tone, definitely adds to the ghostly appearance!

  2. Great job you did. The flower directly caught my eyes when I saw the picture for the first time because the picture had gave me a special visual feeling. It looks like a photograph with a sense of age. Finally, I would say this photograph can be a nice painting material.

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