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Assignment 101: Canadian Geese and Squirrel

This photograph was one of the best ones because I had an opportunity to capture 2 different kinds of animals in the morning and the light along with the timing were just right. I have used the original and have made few changes to it in order to enhance the lighting, shadows, and the overall look of the image. The following were done using Photoshop CS6 2017 program and the steps were as follows:

Original image was cropped to make it neater and take away the extra space that I didn't want to be in the final product.
Levels 1: Adjustment of light (black, grey, white scale): Original was at 0.00, 1.00, and 255 respectively. The only thing modified was black shades going from 0 to 18.
Brightness Adjustments: Original Brightness and Contrast were set to 0. To make the image to stand out, Brightness was bumped down to -9, and Contrast to +18.
Curves Adjustments: Original Input and Output were both equal to 240, with modifications and minor tweaking: Input ended up at 79 and Output at 63.
Levels 2: Working with different modes. Original was set to "Normal". I decided that Soft Light mode fit the image better and brought out some of the details better. At this stage, I was working with Curves Adjustment layer being "on" to get the light just right.
Dodge Mode: Overlay Option was selected with "50% gray for fill with overlay neutral color" box checked. Using Dodge Tool option and 200px size brush I highlighted the building on the left, group of geese and squirrel, and 1 solitary goose by the tall pine tree. Using Dodge Burn Tool option and 200px size brush I enhanced the shadows and the tree lines to contrast the sky. Minor ad

justments with the same Dodge Burn Tool function to enhance the look of the trees and give them more color and depth perception.

By Sofya.Butenko

Currently attending DVC for “Certificate of Achievement in Civil Drafting, CAD” and highly looking forward to working in the field of my studies. I’m looking forward to being able to design, create, and build something new and amazing in the future.

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  1. By cropping the image and placing the trail more to the right of the photo attracts my attention to it a little bit more, and gives the final image more depth than the original. Also this follows the one third rule, and makes the image feel more balanced.

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