Assignment 101 Sophia D

Out of all the photos I had taken on campus, this one was my favorite. In editing the photo I wanted to make it as detailed and colorful as possible. I wanted to make the tree and it's branches pop out and appear more alive. In doing this I created a new adjustment layer and then used the channel mixer to adjust the levels of the red, green, and blue colors.I increased the red channel to 118 percent and then decreased the blue and green channels to negative nine percent. I also did the same with the green channel. I then used the curves tool to lighten certain areas/aspects of the tree trunk. Along with that, I also added some vibrance to the image and lightened a bit of the green branches that the tree leads up to.

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  1. The angle of the photo is unique! We always see the tree in front of it, not under from it. The unique angle makes your photo interesting and attractive.

  2. I agree with Sean. The angle itself makes the picture feel different. It would of been nice to see the original picture just to compare the differences. looks like you perhaps played the channel mixer making the colors “pop” more. Great picture!

  3. I like the way you focus on the tree trunk, not the leaf.I have learned from your work because I have never taken photos of tree from under it.

  4. The photo itself is taken at an awesome angle, and I love the way the colors pop out on tree trunk itself. It would be really cool to see it side by side with the original!

  5. Great use of radial composition and adjustment of aperture. The good amount of light makes the tree trunk details can be clearly seen. The leafs on the background is blurry in comparison with the clear tree trunk makes an interesting effect thus create depth.

  6. I love the angle you took the photo, it amazed me, also the texture of the tree is so realistic, good job.

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