Assignment 101-Vivian Xuong

To begin with, this is my lucky shot that I captured in the DVC engineering building backyard. As you can see, the bee is captured without blurry and in good position. Move on to the editing, I use the channel mixer to give my photo a green and yellow tone. After that, I apply different adjustment to my photo such as level, burn and curve (not the traditional S curve) to make the photo become more vintage and contrast. Eventually, I add some grunge layers to make it look even older and look like the photograph that been through decade.

Comments (4)

  1. I like the original and the edited picture. You gave a warm feeling to it by enhancing the green and yellow tone and the grunge effect made it look like it is an old photograph.

  2. I like the overlay of the grunge texture. The combination of the grunge overlay with the brightening of the flowers gives it a nice vintage look and the details within the image itself can be seen well.

  3. I really love the photo that you took, everything within the picture is in the right position to me, especially the bee. Because of the bee, your editing of using the grunge technique makes the picture really interesting to me.

  4. The sun flower just looks great and the bee makes this photo looks better. I really like the way you use the overlay of the grunge texture. It is like a photo on the back of a magnetic tape.

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