Assignment 101 – Wyatt York

The first change I made to the image was a cropping. I took off a portion of the left side to better center the composition within the rule of thirds. In this way, I could create three planes of view with three separate subjects to create a more flowing narrative and viewing. I also cropped off a section of the bottom to eliminate extra space and create more distinct, centered levels in thirds. After editing the composition structure, I moved on to fix the colors. First, I made a levels adjustment to ensure I have a color spectrum with true black and white. Next, I added a pop edit to boost the color values. I also slightly heightened the vibrancy and saturation. The last change I made was a dodge and burn layer. I added a light amount of dodging on the screens of the arcade machines to give them more of a glow. The last edit, which I decided to not include, was a static texture overlay. This edit dated the photo he way I wanted it to but took too much away from the cleanliness and order so I did not include it.

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  1. I like how you processed the image to draw attention to the slot machines. On the original photo the volume of the room attracts attention, but on the final photo the slot machines are in the center of attention. You created a good composition. I also like how you worked with color saturation, brightness and balance of white and black. I like that there are a lot of bright details in the photo, such as a red lamp above the table, blue billiard tablecloth and red slot machines with glowing screens. Good job!

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