Assignment 101 – Yifan Li

For the original photos, I think it is too much color in the whole picture and there is no details and no emphasis. So I make the background darker and keep the lightness of the words. And I add some green, yellow and white to make the whole picture looks old. Moreover, I make a light point on the left bottom corner of the photo to lead the viewer start looking the photo from there.

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  1. The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture was that it looks exactly the same as a picture I photographed but didn’t post. But hey, good job on the grunge. The opacity was probably decreased dramatically but that added a different effect to the subject- making it look like there’s a story behind it.

  2. One thing I really like in this work is the angle of picture. I was really surprised how you find this angle at DVC. And your picture is emphasized more clearly and interested more than original. Thanks and did good job.

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