Assignment 101-Yu Chen Liu

I went to San Francisco for some pictures ,I was about to crossing  the stress and I saw the cable train and  I have never rode this before ,so I took a picture of it .For this assignment I use built in camera from my phone.First of all,I use "Levels" to make the photo lighter and then I create a new adjustment layer for vibrance to distinct the  cable train; moreover ,I use yellow color to make the photo  turn back to clock. Last, I select the channel mixer to create tinted images but I make it more mundane and more intense old style effects.

Comments (4)

  1. Looks nice! The adjustment from your shot seem to give out this dynamic feeling to the photo. You seem to have your way and taste in photography. 😀 You mentioned that you want to make the photo look intense and vintage? I think you’ve made it. Keep it up! 😀 😀 😀

  2. The picture looks great with a kind of old style. But if you can crop the picture into 4 by 3 or 3 by 2 size, it will look better for me.

  3. Great picture and nice wondering. After your adjustment, it looks with more sunshine on the bus, also the old school style is matching with this change.

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