assignment 101 – Yunbo Yan

The photos were took around Union Square, San Francisco. I came a idea with switch colors to black and white, and then turn colors back to main figure. to adjust photo, I used channel mixer turn photo black and white, later give color back to main figure. in Curve layer, large contrast and dark edges of background by pen tool. in level layer, narrow distance between dark and light. and create a new layer to light or bring main figure to front by burn and dodge tool.

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  1. i liked you white and black back ground, its very well done work i think you can add more in to your texture “just a suggestion”?! may be what do you think? 🙂

  2. Your picture is like a movie poster! I like your way you change the background into black & white color. It feels like you combined two different picture. I love this picture!

  3. A very interesting picture with a distinct compositional center! The black and white background strongly contrasts with the colored character, reinforcing the center to even a higher level.

  4. I like how you made the colors more vibrant. really helps the lady pop out of the picture, It almost looks like she is cropped in when the background is black and white and she is so vibrant. very neat effect!

  5. Very interesting story telling photography. Good idea to make the background B&W, but I think you could have less saturated blue to avoid the blue fragments in the B&W area. Another way to avoid blue in the background was to isolate the person during the color adjustment.

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