Assignment 101 Zheliang Zhang

These are my two pictures.The former is modified, the latter is the original.I used Curve, Pop, Dodge&Burn.Among them, the sky is deeper and bluer than the original.I modified the visual center to highlight the visual effect of the eaves more than the original.I also reduced the brightness of some shadows and lights to make the image look less harsh.At the same time, it will also highlight the color details of the house.(like golden eaves and red pillars). Also make the light more like it's on a breezy afternoon.

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  1. The overall composition of this image is amazing with the symmetry that is broken by the protruding roof and how it is sort of framed in a way by the tree branches. As you said, my eye does naturally go from the gold eaves to the red pillars. I believe you did a good job editing, there’s a greater contrast in color which really enhances the photo and makes it easier to see all the detail.

  2. The colors and photo you took are so unique wow! I appreciate that you were able to enrich the colors so that they would pop out better than they were in the sunlight. I like that you were able to adjust the coloring of the sky, it makes it look more natural as if I was actually there and seeing it through my eyes! Great editing!

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