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This close-up photo of the yellow flowers was taken using my iPhones 7 plus. The camera has this mode called "portrait mode" that could give out a depth effect to the shot. It blurred out the background and added more sharpness and focus onto the flowers which were nearer to the lens. In the process of editing, I used photoshop to increase a little bit of its saturation as you can see the yellow on the right is more vibrant compared to the one on the left. Then, I played around with the dodge tool in order to lighten the surrounding a little bit. I also utilized the curves blending mode in the software to enhance the contrast a little bit. As you can see the darkest green on the left was more darken on the right which creates more contrast look to the image.

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  1. I like the photo. You can use your phone camera well done. Moreover, the effect that you choose can really lighten up the image and add some contrast from the one that blur and the main object.

  2. What caught my eye about this photo was the texture of the plant and the pop of yellow. I enjoyed how you only slightly enhanced the colors to add depth. The composition is nice as well, it takes your eyes from the bottom left corner to the top right or vice versa.

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