Assignment 102:

By Zuza

Industrial Designer, CCA Transfer student FA2020

Comments (6)

  1. I thought the large dog eating the pole was a funny touch! Good job scaling the dog up, plus I couldn’t even tell the leash was there to begin with.

  2. i like how you integrated the dog eating the pole that was an awesome move, also the pole is like broke apart in two pieces. good job

  3. I like how you managed to break the pole with your editing, I think this is well done and I also like how you inputted the dog eating the pole as well.

  4. Clifford the angry dog! This is great. I agree with the comments above; it’s really cool how you created the effect of the pole being broken.

  5. I don’t know how exactly you did it but I never would have been able to tell that there was a leash in the original picture if not for the reference image. amazing work!

  6. Thomas Baumgartner

    Great idea by making the dog massive. One thing that would have been nice to see is the front legs.

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