Assignment 102

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  1. I really like your idea that kid is sitting on the rope. I think you succeeded in trimming out him from other picture, and it matches to the image of ferry.

  2. I like this because you did a good job on Photoshop, making the picture look real and strange. I also like the concept, the kid looks like he posing and climbed on the rope because he thought it would be fun.

  3. This looks really good! I think you successfully made it look as though the kid really is sitting on that rope. I’m not a lighting expert but even the lighting on the kid matches the overall lighting of the image. Great job

  4. This is a pretty good photo, it lw got me. Could’ve maybe played with the brightness of the model to fit with the background, but it looks good.

  5. Thomas Baumgartner

    Good positioning of the person on the rope. Would be cool to see a shadow created by the person.

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