Assignment 102


By Juan-Carlos

Architecture Student

Comments (7)

  1. This is one of the best blended images I’ve seen under this assignment. The middle section looks super fluid going both ways, and it looks like taking the pictures in the same place helped make the final result so realistic.

  2. It is a really interesting job. It looks natural in which the dog seems that it was born like this.

  3. This made me laugh because it reminded me of the cartoon CatDog. it looks super realistic and well done. Good Job

  4. Wow this is really funny! I love the transition between the dogs its really seamless great use of the clone-stamp tool or whatever you did to blend the images together.

  5. This is great and looks super seamless. You did a great job at choosing a subject and photos that work really well for this. I love catdog and this has the same vibes (dogdog?).

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