Assignment 102 – Ignacio Piqueras

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  1. I like the concept of the final photo. Just someone sitting on a giant shoe. There are some things that are off though. First off the shadow on the added images does not match the setting (environment). There’s no shadow on the shoe from the person sitting or on the ground.
    It might work better if all of the pictures were taken around the same time for similar shadows. It is difficult to make shadows without just making part of the layer darker though.

  2. I really appreciate your idea of putting a man on the shoes. I think you did a great job in combining those images. The bend of the legs match perfectly with the shoes. The only thing that I think you can work on is the shadow. Since there are trees and buildings along the road, I think you can add some shadow on the shoes and the man. Also, there should be some shadow casted on the shoes by the legs.

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