assignment 102 | Lola Cinco

original creek image
creek image edited in photoshop
original bedroom image
bedroom image edited in photoshop
final image - Mirror to Another World

Comments (4)

  1. Wow! both of the images blend very nicely! I see that you sharpen the color of the water, I think it is too much, but it turns out really good. Awesome work!

  2. I agree with the others that your final image is very interesting and well done! I would like to highlight your attention to the transitions from one scene to the other. You did a great job blending them at the mirror frame, but I really like the transition from the water to the carpet of the room! It truly looks like wet carpet and is very convincing.

  3. The image is very well composed. The blend between the water and carpet was very well done. I admire your contrast of colors in the image and the neatness of your work.

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