Assignment 102 – Matthew Christian

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  1. Awesome combination of photos used to combine them. I like how you adjusted the color of the water so the pictures of the fish are clearer. Great job on blending images together!

  2. I like the way how you combined those pictures; it is very interesting and creative. I think you can probably place one more picture like water plant, so it can cover the dirt on the bulb. Nice job overall.

  3. You have a nice selection of photos. The fishes were cropped properly. The way you blended the photos together looks great.

  4. Amazing. Don’t know where to begin, but let me try… all the manipulations are tastefully done. Great design choice in adjusting the color of the water to complement the fish. The story of the motion matches all the objects, the way the water curves and ebbs to reveal the head of the fish.

  5. The overlay of the 3 images is very professional and the combination is great, but what really makes the image is the reflection of the bulb, water and fishes on the ground.

  6. You did an incredible job of combining all three images. The addition of the reflection on the ground really adds to the piece.

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