Assignment 102 – Minion Observatory _ Hennry Garcia

The purpose of this assignment is to the ordinary in an extraordinary perspective. In the highest point of the DVC campus there is an observatory which I always cross upon going to class that reminded me of the new Minions movie. Thus, I picture in my mind a big yellow Minion observing the sky. I accomplished the application by first cutting out the minion and transforming it to the Observatory shape. I then went on by adding denim to the brick wall and burring the color to match the shadow and light of the original photo. I also multiplied the moon in the background as an extra.

Comments (4)

  1. Very creative composition. I like the balance of realism and surrealism. Also the contrast of three primary colors ( yellow, green and blue) convey an energetic wave.

  2. i can see the selection you did of the minion is very smooth and clean. the idea is very clear and creative. i like this! good job!

  3. I can see you you gave the minion a new pants, witch is really close to its old one. it is the good idea, to use other materials to fit into hard grab space.

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