Assignment 102 – Rebecca Arens

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  1. Good morning Rebecca, very refreshing composition. The hand pouring the liquid from above looks fantastic. The colors of the background elements are very appealing. I want to take a shower right now! Very well executed.

  2. I really like the idea of the pouring pitcher. It looks really well done and the hand holding it is a nice touch. The background gives the photo context. Good Job.

  3. Hello Rebecca,
    Awesome job with this assignment in capturing the moment of you at work and “the art of bathing”. As stated above, I like that you didn’t try to remove the hand holding the pitcher, which makes it feel like a scene from Monty Python. Awesome job.

  4. nice job for this assignment! i like the idea how you used literally a work part and changing that is coming to you nice job =!

  5. Great job! I really like the idea and the environment. This image feels so realistic and the hand pouring the liquid is a good touch!

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