Assignment 102 – Ro Aliaga

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  1. What a lovely and cute picture! I can see you combine these photos in a interesting way, which makes it a lot more fun. One thing, just for curious, what is the second picture used for? How does it work in the final picture?

  2. I personally love your picture! I find it fascinating and cute how you combine the kid and the toy truck. These two objects are related, however you combined it in a different perspective. That is why I find the final image lovely. Good job! Keep the good work!

  3. The picture looks really cute!! I like how the position of the kid fits the toy and the lighting is good too. it looks real

  4. I really like this cute picture. The baby’s posture perfectly matches the truck rear. Also, the direction of the shadow is in the same position which let the baby did not stand out from the scene.

  5. The third photo is the edge of the truck and I had to put it on top of the his legs to help the perspective.

  6. Really cute picture! The baby’s posture perfectly matches the toy truck. Especially the shadow is very natural.

  7. What a cute picture!! I really like this photo!! you have great idea and great photo editing skills!!! great jobb!!!

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