Assignment 102 – Ryan Smith

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  1. Although this is something simple and subtle, it is incredible! It tricks the eye and makes you wonder… is this real? That illusion is there, it helps that your previous images were taken in the same spot and same angle to get the accuracy. Very well done!

  2. This looks great! 😀 simple yet interesting and also it’s something beyond what we see everyday. Yes, I do think merging the photos which were taken at the same position and time would help a lot in getting the accurate lighting. Good job!

  3. The picture quality is superb. The shadows, lighting and the placing of both objects were all the same places. It made me take a second look, like what? It was a nice choice the wood background color, the orange and brown really meshes well together. If there were any differences its too subtle to notice.

  4. I agree that even though this looks simple, but you managed to make the orange and the onion looks seamlessly the same. The shadow really supports this transformation and I think that’s what making it look real.

  5. it is so creative the way you mix the onion and orange. I agree it is simple but excellent ! For a glance I barely realise it is an edited photo

  6. Ryan, this image speaks to me on a personal level. This image reminds me of an onion, there are many layers to it first of all the composition of the image is impeccable as well as the post editing, also the way the two images were merged was really well done. Keep it up!

  7. I like your work! Processing is very good, so photo looks very neat and realistic. I like that the photo is not overloaded with details, and the central object attracts all the attention. Excellent!

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