Assignment 102 – Shane Rossi Hegarty

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  1. Great use of color and combining the overlay images of the nature and city landscape scenes together. Gives the final picture a sci fi feel. Seamless editing.

  2. what makes photo incredible is the the reflection! The way you carefully bend the reflection makes them look extremely nature and realistic.It really draws my attention,and i think it would be more realistic if you make the left building a little bit blend in

  3. It is a good combination, and the color is beautiful. However, you need to pay attention to the color of the shadow, or it looks a little bit odd.

  4. The overall mood of this picture is great. And also reflection on the water is really great. The picture looks like one of star wars movies.

  5. This photo is just like taken by camera at one shot. It has a perfect color mix and the reflection of two buildings. It will be better to make their shadows darker.

  6. When I first glance this I thought the last image is the original one you cropped from. Freaking incredible shadow cast and illusions.

  7. You did a very good job merging all the images; the lighting editing you did to the buildings really helped the final image look seamless and real.

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