Assignment 102 – Steven Ngov

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  1. I like the idea in this photo, the way you combining the blanket grunge and the tissue is awesome. Still the photo will become more lively if you could apply more wrinkle to the tissue.

  2. Funny and creative picture combination. The angle of the edited kids in the toilet paper was spot on. Good job.

  3. The use of a toilet paper for a blanket is a great idea. The kids still look comfortable while sleeping because the toilet paper is soft just like the blanket. You have a nice combination of photos.

  4. The combination of these two photos really looks good, the way the toilet paper curls around them looks realistic. But I just wish that a slight shadow of the three kids would be caste on the toilet paper roll.

  5. Really interesting idea and the technique is really good, this toilet paper just looks so comfortable.

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