Assignment 102 – Wei Chin

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  1. This is a great Combo. I like how blended the pictures since it looks real and fun. Excellent job! And the enhanced colors on the dinosaur makes your audience focus on it.

  2. this looks fun and i like how you the color for the dinosaur you bring the color to life. also how you adjust the mountain and the city with the dinosaurs color. and darkening the the mountain gave the dinosaurs and city focus. good job!

  3. When I was young, I sometimes imagined dinosaurs appearing in the city center. If that imagination comes true, I think it will feel like this picture. I think it stands out more because it brightens the color of dinosaurs and cities.

  4. This is so creative! I like how the dinosaur is looking towards the city and leads you to focus on both aspects. Making the dinosaur merge with the mountain really adds towards the overall composition. Amazing job!

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