ASSIGNMENT 102-William Marriott

I used Select and Mask followed up with the lasso to cut myself and Gandalf out, then lassoed part of the chest lid to an over layer to cover the feet. Then I finished parts off the the blend tool, dodge and burn, auto tone, contract and color, then finally tolled around with an orange gradient fill to cast the right light and shadows.

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  1. First of you did a great job, you and Gandalf look right at home even if you’re in the middle of a fallout display. The cropping has an interesting effect where it gives the scene more of a nuclear wasteland vibe by having the orange glow instead of showing that it comes from Himalayan salt lights(I could be wrong on what they actually are)

  2. I really like this idea! The lighting in the background helps highlight the objects and the contrasting colors. The cut out is really well done.

  3. This is nice you really made it look like these objects are in the environment. The shadows and colors match the light emitting from the lamp. I see that the addition of the chest (mimic) hides the shadows that would have been cast on the ground so the figures stand behind hiding the shadows.

  4. I enjoy the mixture of fantasy and post apocalyptic alternate reality. They are extremely different yet fit together very well.

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