Assignment 103: Alejandra Hurtado

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  1. This is by far the most professional poster I’ve seen posted here. The fonts, colors, and orientation all feel like it could have been pulled straight from DVC’s website! Also good architect lecturer picks!

  2. I appreciate that you included an image of each architect in the lecture series. The biographies are nice as well! The poster has a great overall composition and is very informational.

  3. I like how you included a lot of information to your poster! Also the pictures of the guests and I can definitely see the hierarchy of texts.

  4. This is a really good poster, it looks very professional and I like how you included the pictures and summaries of the speakers.

  5. I like that it looks like a real official poster because the pictures are black and white. However, I think it looks better if you change the font on the top. The rest of the font looks quite formal, in order to make the top font fit in, you should change some font that looks more formal. Becuase at this point, the top font is not fitting in the poster.

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