Assignment 103 – Alliah Maneclang

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  1. I love the image you chose for the background of this poster. I think the color of your font contrasts the colors of the image nicely. Great work!

  2. It looks really impressive. The building and your font has uniformity in classic way, and the layout is well organized. Also, it is legible and readable. Nice work.

  3. I really love the image which is a real painting you used for the poster. it looks interesting and impressive. Good job.

  4. The image you chose immediately caught my eye, but I love how you paired the brown and grey color choices for your fonts. I can see that you definitely put in a lot of thought and consideration with the colors and placement of your information.

  5. I really like how you designed your poster its really nice and the image you use it really nice. The image grabs the audience attention immediately, and the color you used combines and balance the entire poster overall. Really good work!

  6. You chose a complementary image, color, and font for your composition. You did a really nice job in choosing a color scheme for this poster; it really works well with the age of the building and style. Very nice work!

  7. I like the image you chose also the font contrasts with the colors of the image perfectly. And the grey layout worked nicely. Great combination overall.

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