Assignment 103 – Andrew Ahn

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  1. I like that the information of lectures are like steps and matches the hexagons on the left. I think the font is very clean and it looks very good in this poster! Good Job!

  2. Very appealing and eye-catching! The strong colors really make a statement as do the hard lines of the blocks. The fonts you chose fit the overall style well, too.

  3. Nice! I like the way that you formatted the dates and times, with the months on the left and the times dropped down under the days. I also think adding the yellow in the top right of the poster frames the information very well!

  4. Nicely done. Liked how you formatted the dates and classes along with a nice design background. I would of found a texture that similar to the hexagon and added it to the yellow to fit the overall theme.

  5. HI, I reallt like this design for its flat design, color scheme and layout. Combinaiton of primary color and grey makes the whole poster so natural and eye-catching.

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