Assignment 103 – Camille Brown

link to pdf: assignment_103

I chose to design a Black History Month lecture series featuring Black Architects and Designers from the past and present.

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  1. I like the way you contrasted all the colors on the black background in order to easily grab people’s attention. The only thing I would switch is the cursive font to something that’s easier to read at a glance.

  2. I like that you have used colors that stand out against the black background. Also, the font style highlights the important parts of your poster. Nice job!

  3. Like the others have said, you’ve done a great job selecting a vibrant color scheme that draws the viewer’s attention to the poster and helps to direct their eye to certain info in it because of the coordinating colors. Also, I believe the overall layout and composition of it is well balanced and easy to read!

  4. Nice! An iconic color scheme that immediately gives you information. Its a well laid out and clear poster with nice use of fonts, colors, and hierarchy. The only thing that I might change is the placement of the “*Lectures from 6-7” sentence, maybe at the bottom or just shifted to the right a little? Very well done!

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