ASSIGNMENT-103 Dahyun oh

i made this poster by using Bauhaus style

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  1. This poster is very very very Bauhaus. It has the Bauhaus building, the Bauhaus font and the slanted sngle and the dynamic colors, which are the typical characteristics of Bauhaus Style. Black and orange makes a great contrast, making the content easy to be seen. The funny thing is, all the information in your poster is the same as mine…

  2. I like the idea of having Bauhaus design element in your poster. Your use of colors is great as there is great contrast. I would suggest you to enlarge the font a little bit except the word “architecture” as there is still some space.

  3. This poster attract my attention at once! The colors, the composition, and the letters all have very strong influence. It does include Bauhaus design characters, which makes it very modern and dynamic. One thing that I will suggest is removing the shadow of the letters. It makes it somewhat hard to read. All in all, good job!

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