Assignment 103: Design Poster

I wanted to make a design lecture poster that would help both industrial designers and architects.

By Zuza

Industrial Designer, CCA Transfer student FA2020

Comments (10)

  1. I really like the idea of using drawing designs as part of your poster, very creative and original. Good Job!

  2. I really like the image and overall design. Colors and fonts look great. Not sure the content is clear, though.

  3. I like the picture for the background very much. When I saw the poster, it caught my attention immediately.
    Maybe it would be interesting to see the other font colors the same as the chairs cushion.

  4. This is really gooooooood! your killing it Zuza! The overall retro aesthetic you were able to capture was really well done your killing it!

  5. It’s really smart using the chair images as the central focus to hook the viewer. I’m always a fan of gray and orange so this color palette is great, and I love how the orange is used sparingly as an accent color.

  6. cool design, I like how the colors you went with really correlate to the art of design and drafting.

  7. I like how you used the designs of the chair in your poster design to emphasize what the lectures would be about. The colors bring it together nicely as well.

  8. Great design, the organization of the text makes sense and fits well with the diagram, which draws people in to read more.

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